Y’all Need to Cut Your Grass Midfirst Bank Sayeth the Mayor of the Town

The Mayor of the Town of St Rose in Breese, Illinois is complaining about a Midfirst Bank Zombie property. Cut the grass.

Dominic Wessel, Mayor, Submitted a Gripe re Midfirst Bank’s Zombie Property in Breeze, IL

JUN 3, 2022

PARCEL No. 01-01-29-250-036

17821 Saint Rose Rd, Breese, IL 62230

Is this your repo house in St. Rose IL?

I have cut the grass twice.

I am mayor of the town.

Who is to keep the property up?

Above is county parcel number in Clinton county IL.

Town of St. Rose.

Who can we send bills for upkeep?

Dominic Wessel


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